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CNOOC attaches great importance to employees’ physical and mental health, commits itself to creating safe production environment for its employees through scientific management and efficient methods, and devotes to providing society with higher quality products and marketing services in safe, efficient and environment-friendly manners, so as to contribute its values to achieve sustainable development of society and environment.

Quality Management

CNOOC adheres to the directives of “People-oriented, Safety First, Honest and Law-abiding, Reinforcing Foundation, Innovation-driven and Winning with Quality”, implements the national strategy of “Building a Powerful Country by High Quality Development”, carries out the quality improvement actions in an all-round way, identifies quality risks comprehensively, improves the quality management system, cultivates the quality culture and continuously improves product, engineering and service quality.

Occupational Health

With the "People-oriented" philosophy, CNOOC constantly improves innovations and informatization of the career health management system, strengthens supervision and verification of occupational health management in workplace, focuses on promoting standardized management in daily monitoring of occupational hazards and health, fully implements occupational disease hazard control by priority classification, so as to implement effective control over key workplaces, key projects, key contacts and key hazards. The Company continuously carries out health promotion and psychological stress management services to improve employees' physical and mental health.

Operational Safety

Adhering to QHSE's core value of "Safety First, Environment Foremost, People-oriented and Equipment Intact", CNOOC further constructs the characteristic safety culture of “People-oriented, Implementation and Intervention”, develops and further standardizes the HSE management system framework, strictly implements the overall responsibility system for safe production and reinforces basic safety management in order to promote the continuous improvement of safety management level.

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